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Performance Measures

Performance Measures:

Housing and Homelessness

  • Decrease the number of homeless adults and youth from 4,192 (year ending 8/15) to 2,096 (Institute for Community Alliances)
  • Decrease the percent of households that spend 30% or more on housing from 20.2% (2013) to 15% (ACS)
  • Decrease the number of people on the waitlist for Section 8 housing from 600 to 0 (City of Des Moines Municipal Housing Authority, 10/5/2015)
  • Increase the percentage of total area jobs paying more than $15,000 a year located outside the City of Des Moines from 60% to 70%. (Housing Tomorrow plan)



  • Increase the number of weekday riders on DART vehicles from 4,628,000 to 6,073,000(DART Forward 2035)
  • Increase the number of agencies who are satisfied with the client transportation system because it is reliable in getting them to and from work/medical appointments/ shopping (DART Forward 2035)
  • Increase the number of people reporting that the transportation system is effective (Listening & Learning sessions) (DART Forward 2035)