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Economic Disparities

According to American Community Survey data from 2008-2012, there are significant income gaps between African Americans, Latina/o, and Whites. In a study that identified 376 metropolitan areas across the United States, Des Moines was ranked 20th in the income disparity between African American Families (avg. $29,929/year) and White families ($79,143). Put another way, African American families on average earn 62.2% less than White families.  Additionally, Latina/o families in Des Moines ranked 84th in the same study and earned on average $39,635 or 49.9% less than White families. 



Between 2010 and 2013, the percentage of Iowans that are unemployed increased in Iowa, specifically in central Iowa and Polk County. Between 2012 and 2013 there here was a 1.7% decrease in the urban core of Iowans who are unemployed and below 100% of poverty, however, the Urban Core continues to have the highest proportion of unemployed Iowans. Forty-none percent of unemployed Iowans in the Urban Core  are below 100% of poverty.