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VIVA East Bank:

  • City initiative
  • Staffed by city planner
  • Includes small and minority business development


Evelyn K. Davis Center:

  • Diversified workforce development training
  • Targeted young adult employment development (ages 16-30)
  • Collaboration through multiple community agencies
  • One-stop-shop for community resources
  • Minority business development


Small Business Development

  • Microloans available to aspiring entrepreneurs albeit limited funding agencies
  • Small Business Development Center outreach


Extension and Outreach

  • Minority and non-profit business development
  • Assist minority business owners and community members navigate city resources to address community needs
  • Data to support city initiatives



Iowa Civility Project Partners

  • Drake University
  • Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines
  • Interfaith Alliance of Iowa
  • Greater Des Moines Partnership

Improving respect and civility in our community isn't someone else's job. It can start with you. Show Some Respect, a campaign of the Iowa Civility Project, urges Iowans to be respectful and encourage others to do the same. Sign the pledge to show some respect or view helpful tips to spread respect in your community.


Being considerate not only helps others, but it gives each of us something to take pride in and feel good about.

Here’s five ways you can show respect and consideration to a stranger:

1.  Be patient (even when you don’t want to)
Real world example:  The person in front of you at the ATM is taking way too long and you’ve got somewhere to be.  Be patient and understanding by quietly waiting your turn.

2. Show sympathy 
Real world example:  Maybe the person in front of you at the ATM has forgotten their PIN number or their account balance isn’t what they expected it to be.  They aren’t intentionally holding up the line.  Be sympathetic and try to understand how frustrating it could be for them.

3.  Appreciate the service of others
Real world example:  Always thank members of the military for serving our country.

4.  Give your full attention
Real world example: The cashier at the grocery store is asking if you have any coupons, but you aren’t paying much attention because you are talking on the phone (or texting, or posting to Facebook…).  Put your phone away and give the cashier your attention.

5.  Give up your seat
Real world example:  There is a 45-minute wait at your favorite restaurant and you’re waiting in one of a few seats in the restaurant’s entrance.  Give your seat to the older man who is also waiting.

There are hundreds of other ways that we can show respect and consideration for others.  What’s stopping you?  Get started today!


Drake University


The Principal Financial Group Center for Global Citizenship

The Principal Financial Group Center for Global Citizenship educates students to function effectively in different cultural contexts, and to see their own culture from the perspective of others. The Center also works to ensure that global perspectives and issues are an integral part of the intellectual and cultural experience of all members of the Drake community.

The Principal Financial Group

On January 18, 2011, Drake President David Maxwell announced a gift in the amount of $2.5 million from The Principal Financial Group in support of the Center for Global Citizenship and other international programs at Drake University. In recognition of this generous donation, the Center was renamed the Principal Financial Group Center for Global Citizenship. Beyond the gift itself, The Principal Financial Group and Drake University will engage in a broad-ranging partnership involving the sharing of expertise and educational experiences among executives and employees from Principal and faculty, staff and students at Drake.

The Principal Financial Group is a leader in offering businesses, individuals and institutional clients a wide range of financial products and services, including retirement and investment services, life and health insurance, and banking through its diverse family of financial services companies. A member of the Fortune 500, The Principal Financial Group serves some 18.9 million customers worldwide from offices in Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America and the United States.


  • Campus Events
  • The Global Ambassador Program
  • Global and Comparative Public Health
  • Faculty and Curriculum Development
  • Community Outreach


The Rolland and Mary Nelson Institute for Diplomacy and International Affairs

The Rolland and Mary Nelson Institute for Diplomacy and International Affairs provides in-depth international knowledge and experiences for select students who wish to pursue careers in international public affairs. The Institute was established in 2012 with a gift from Rolland and Mary Nelson, founders of Kemin Industries.

The Nelson Institute supports a cluster of related initiatives that together offer students a rich array of learning experiences related to global problems:

Global Pressing Issues Grant

The Nelson Institute invites proposals for a two-year grant that will fund interdisciplinary faculty-student research projects that address a global issue of broad public importance. The purpose of this initiative is to enhance Drake’s involvement in addressing pressing global issues, thus helping position Drake as a global knowledge hub in service to local, national and international communities. Download the Nelson Institute Global Pressing Issues Grant, Call for Proposals (pdf file). The deadline for the initial round of proposals is November 1, 2015.

Visiting Diplomat 

The Institute hosts diplomats who bring a lifetime of professional experience in international public affairs to their interactions with faculty, staff, students and the community. Visiting diplomats offer public lectures, mentor students, visit classes, engage in community outreach and offer strategic advice to university leadership on ways to further Drake’s internationalization mission. 

Retired United States Foreign Service Officer Jerry Gallucci served as a Visiting Diplomat during the 2013-14 academic year. The Nelson Institute has also hosted former U.S. Ambassadors Ryan Crocker,  Joseph Mussomeli.

International Simulations

The Institute funds Drake student participation in Model United Nations, European Union and Arab League simulations. These programs challenge students to apply what they have learned in the classroom to realistic simulations of international diplomacy. For more information, contact Professor Debra DeLaet about the Model United Nations, Professor Eleanor Zeff about the Model European Union and Professor Mahmoud Hamad about the Model Arab League.

Undergraduate Conference on Global Affairs

This annual event brings together undergraduate students from Drake and other schools to share research on various topics in global affairs.

The Nelson Institute Student Conference Fund

The Nelson Institute provides limited funding for Drake students to attend regional and national conferences that focus on global or international topics.  Funding ranges from $100-$250 depending upon both costs and the level of student participation (e.g., more funding is provided where a student presents a paper, serves as a discussant or engages in other types of active participation).

Application should include: Name, major(s), year in school, title, location and dates of conference, conference web address, registration cost (if any), mode of transportation to the conference and a brief paragraph explaining how the conference relates to the student’s academic goals and what form of participation the student will engage at the conference. Applications that fail to address all of these items will not be considered.