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Ideas for Educators:

Elementary School:

  • Explore using the iPad app “Maggie and Her Magical Glasses” for children ages 5-10 in afterschool programs.  Maggie’s special glasses allow her to see everything around her through a lens of love and forgiveness. (Jumping Pages & Fetzer Institute, featured at the DuPage Children’s Museum as part of XOXO exhibit (iTunes store $2.99)

Middle, High & Post-Secondary:

  • Explore using the Flip Your Script writing program where storytelling is being used as a catalyst to help students learn to forgive people who have caused them great pain in the past. (Fetzer Advisory Council on Health Professions)
  • Explore bringing the Design for Change global movement designed to give young people an opportunity to express their own ideas for a better work and put them in action to our community. It helps teach all of us adults that you don’t have to be rich or strong or powerful to make change happen. (Fetzer Advisory Council on Education)
  • Host the Education, Ethics and Peace Building Certificate Program at one or more of our local colleges or universities. This certificate program is built on the teachings and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mahatma Gandhi. (Morehouse College, Fetzer Institute)

Science Exhibit:

  • Host the traveling exhibit XOXO that channels Mister Rogers’ Legacy (Children’s museum of Pittsburgh & Fetzer Institute). Providing families with hands-on education and opportunities to talk about love and forgiveness is the aim of this exhibit; XOXO was designed to explore love and forgiveness through interactive experiences that inspire feelings and conversations about these and other emotions.